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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Your Diet Doesn't Have To Be Hard.Keep yourself motivated with any of these 4 easy ways

When people start with their diet plan,they are usually very much motivated and excited about the new diet for a few days,but tend to lose their motivation after a few days or weeks.So how should one stick to the planned healthy lifestyle, without losing motivation?


Healthy Lifestyle.
(Source: Pintrest)
Consider it as a lifestyle. When you are not on a diet you tend to eat anything you like pizza,hamburger,burritos you visit MacD or just tend to buy some fast food stuff on the go..But when you go for your diet,you think about it as its not natural. Once you do it for a long time,it becomes automatic,just as you brush your teeth early in the morning..its not a conscious thought process that you are going through. The same is for DIET and EXERCISE.
Researchers have found out that it takes approximately around 66 days for you to build up a new habbit and to make it automatic.
Change your mindset. You can't think about it as a diet or a temporary part of your life. It needs to be your lifestyle.


Set your goal
(Source :Pintrest)

Your goal can be a wedding or a function you have to attend.. or simply a vacation somewhere around the globe. Its really important to set a goal and stick to it so that your goal makes you aware that you have to keep going.


                              Reward time
Just create a reward for yourself for  achieving your objective.But do remember don't reward yourself with big 2 or 3kg chocolate cake or a large size pizza with  extra cheese on it. Because its sabotaging your goal. Its not at all encouraging you.. So what will your reward be then?? A great reward would be a fitness vacation or a new fashionable outfit or a workout outfit. Whatever  it is, let that be encouraging you, reinforcing you towards your healthy lifestyle.


On the cheat day

Now what about the food which you shouldn't be eating? All that tasty delicious food but nutritionally  useless which you should totally restrict yourself from eating but you wish you could sit around and eat it all day!! Now do you ever get to eat those kind of food again?????  The answer to this question is obviously 'YES'.Cheat meals are all about helping you stick to your diet.
The most common reason people fail to reach their goal (or
fail to maintain it afterward) is because they stop eating.
the way they need to be eating. So, what often ends up happening is that people feel
deprived and generally pissed off and annoyed because
they miss eating the foods they really enjoy eating. And
what happens next? They go off their diet and start eating
So, for that reason, there are no specific guidelines for

cheat meals.. But only what I do recommend however, are two general guidelines:
1. Don’t go too crazy.
2. Don’t do it too often.

No!! This is not a cheat meal.

What I mean is, have a few cookies, not the entire box.

Have a slice or two of pizza, not the whole pie. For most of the people, most of the time, 1 or 2
cheat meals per week is the maximum. 
Whatever you end up doing,using or avoiding
cheat meals, it’s the right decision for you as long as your are succeeding in your goal. 
All the best  ...
Eat right. Stay fit.

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